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Laser Tag is an exciting combination of tag and hide & seek with a little Star Trek thrown in for good measure. Players compete in teams to find and tag their opponents using high-tech lasers. Obstacles on the battlefield create opportunities to hide and ambush opponents. With a little bit of strategy, some quick wits (and even quicker reflexes) your team will emerge victorious. It's a blast for kids from 6 to 60, and an awesome way to boost office morale.

​Our products have now expanded from our Video Game Truck Theater to our new Mobile Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag Battlefields where gaming now goes live – Experience it for yourself!

Be the first in your neighborhood to host the coolest party ever! Our in or outdoor laser tag party offers the perfect combination of convenience (we come to you), fun and excitement, competition, and yet will keep the kids active as they will get a good amount of exercise as they run around. Imagine a battlefield in your own backyard, park or even a business parking lot. If you ever wanted to play paintball or air soft but were afraid of getting hurt, now you can experience that same thrill in a safer, cleaner environment like your own backyard!

GameTime Mobile Entertainment’s Laser Tag guns shoot a harmless infrared beam (Just like your TV remote) … no projectiles, no mess, no pain or bruising. It is totally safe and just good clean fun! Our gaming guns have an authentic look and weighs the least out of any laser gun on the market making it easy for everyone to carry and run around with. Our missions are all gender and age neutral and can be played either indoors or outdoors in daylight or at night.


Promotes Teamwork and Cooperation!

Laser Tag sports include a wide variety of game types, from simple free-for-alls to team based games where cooperation and team strategies can help a team win the game. Players learn how to cooperate for the good of the team, instead of how to grandstand and belittle people.

Promotes Exercise and Health!

It's very difficult to play Laser Tag without moving. Games often include quite a bit of running and dodging for cover to avoid being tagged. Certain games might even include hill climbing and relay running. Playing Laser Tag will help keep you healthy and active.

This is NOT a military simulation!

We're not playing "laser kill" here. We're playing Laser Tag. We don't wear camouflage or dark clothing, but encourage players to wear normal, everyday clothes. We don't do things to encourage the concept of killing or death. The games we play are for fun, and we use terms like "tagger" instead of gun, "tagged" instead of shot, and "tagged out" instead of killed. The sensors/targets are on the taggers so players are not aiming at the other players' chests or heads, but at the other players' taggers. The taggers conform to national, state, and local standards and requirements for legal toy gun stylings, to avoid any complications with law enforcement. We also encourage total compliance with figures of authority when confronted. We play to have fun, not to cause trouble.

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